Jerry's Transcription Discs

America's Popular Music Af0025 The Bing Crosby Story America's Popular Music AF1601 Year 1949- America's Popular Music AF1606 Year 1947- America's Popular Music AF1606 Year 1948- America's Popular Music AF1616 Year 1946
America's Popular Music AF1617 The Four Aces America's Popular Music AF1618 Year America's Popular Music AF1619 Year America's Popular Music AF1620 Year America's Popular Music AF1621 Year 1945
America's Popular Music AF1622 Year America's Popular Music AF1623 Year America's Popular Music AF1625 Year America's Popular Music AF1626 Year-1944 America's Popular Music AF1627
America's Popular Music AF1628 America's Popular Music AF1629 America's Popular Music AF1630 America's Popular Music AF1631 Year 1931 America's Popular Music AF1632
America's Popular Music AF1633 America's Popular Music AF1634 Chick Webb Story America's Popular Music AF1635 America's Popular Music AF1636 Year-1942 America's Popular Music AF1637
America's Popular Music AF1638 America's Popular Music AF1639 America's Popular Music AF1640 America's Popular Music AF1641 Year 1941 America's Popular Music AF1642
America's Popular Music AF1643 America's Popular Music AF1644 America's Popular Music AF1645 America's Popular Music AF1651 Year-1939 America's Popular Music AF1652
America's Popular Music AF1653 America's Popular Music AF1654 America's Popular Music AF1655 America's Popular Music AF1656 Year-1938 America's Popular Music AF1657
America's Popular Music AF1658 America's Popular Music AF1659 America's Popular Music AF1660 America's Popular Music AF1661 Year-1937 America's Popular Music AF1662
America's Popular Music AF1663 Bob & Ray 511016 AF0061 Pennsylvania Day Bob & Ray 511112 AF0076 Forbush's kitchen sink faucet adjustable spray nozzles Bob & Ray 520103 AF0101 Ray cries, Ladies Grab Your Seats Bob & Ray 520317 AFRS0106 Jack Swift, Boy Rover
Bob & Ray 520331 AFRS 0116 Burt Wangler's Rialto Boris Karloff Presents AF039 Boris Karloff Presents AF040 Boris Karloff Presents xxxxxx AF039- Boris Karloff Presents xxxxxx AF0040-
Burns And Allen 441128 Ep015 Philadelphia Bond Rally California Melodies 400328 Ep001 Meet Meet Dave Rose Calvary Assemply 461002 Conflict 500515 Audition Curtain Of Time 490407 Ep001 In The Face Of Death
Curtain Of Time 490414 Ep002 Klondike Stampede Curtain Of Time 490421 Ep003 Saga Of The Shenandoah Curtain Of Time 490428 Ep004 War On Chicago Dixieland Club 520403 AF0146 Blue Danube Waltz Dixieland Club 520425 AF0161 The Sobbin' Blues
Dixieland Club 520526 AF0186 Grace & Beauty Dixieland Club 520604 AF0191 Minnie The Mermaid Dixieland Club 520618 AF0201 Sugarfoot Stomp Don Cornell Show 530412 Ep002 Toni Arden Don Cornell Show 530419 Ep003 Lisa Kirk
Don't You Believe It AF0073 The Pilgrims Don't You Believe It AF0074 St Petersburg Don't You Believe It AF0075 Venice Don't You Believe It AF0127 The Name Of The Famous Magician Was Houdini Don't You Believe It AF0128 Phi Beta Kappa Began As An Honorary Society
Don't You Believe It AF0129 The Blarney Stone Is Irish Don't You Believe It AF0136 Darwin Originated Theory Of Evolution Don't You Believe It AF0137 Georgia Is The Peach State Don't You Believe It AF0138 Albert Einstein Was German Citizan When He Fled Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories AF0118 Teacher Visits About Morton
Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories AF0119 Archie Tries To Impress The Teacher Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories AF0120 Finnegan The Professor Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories AF0172- Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories AF0173- Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories AF0174-
Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories AF0181- Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories AF0182- Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories AF0183- FBI In Peace And War 580209 Ep646 The Upstairs Roomer Frauds And Fakers Exposed 371201 EpAud The Pitch Man
Hollywood Casting Office 35xxxx Ep001 Mr Gad Zooks Hollywood Casting Office 35xxxx Ep011 Experience Hollywood Casting Office 35xxxx Ep012 Man's Head In Lion's Mouth Hollywood Casting Office 35xxxx Ep019 Kenny Allen Hollywood Casting Office 35xxxx Ep020 Persimmon Sisters
Hollywood Casting Office 35xxxx Ep035 Four Squires Hollywood Casting Office 35xxxx Ep036 Judy & Her Jesters Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep001 Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep002 Blue Skies Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep003 Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing
Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep004 Darkness On The Delta Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep005 Underneath A Harlem Moon Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep006 Cheek To Cheek Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep007 Make Hay While the Sun Shines Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep008 Chasing Shadows
Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep009 Under My Umbrella Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep010 Honeysuckle Rose Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep011 Pink Elephants Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep012 Melancholy Baby Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep013 The Carioca
Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep014 Rocking Chair Hollywood Spotlight 35xxxx Ep033 Three Ambassadors House of MacGregor Ep393 Barry mopes about his play House of MacGregor Ep394 Linda announces that Barry will go through with play Jack Kirkwood Show AF0112 501107 No Matter How Hungry a Horse May Be, He Shouldn't Bite His Fodder
Jack Kirkwood Show AF0113 501108 Madhouse Players-Hillbily Skit Jack Kirkwood Show AF0879 53xxxx Blacksmith Jack Sharkey vs. Joe Louis fight 360818 Yankee Stadium Jubilee 450906 Ep146 Ella Mae Morse, Louis Armstrong Marine Bandstand AF0033-
Metropolitan Opera Auditions Of The Air 530504 Ep018 Carl Palangi, Mildred Hill Music Of Today 400328 Elias Breeskin Nonsense And Melody 21 Nonsense And Melody Ep022 Paramount Pictures Spot Announcements for 'A Foreign Affair
Radio Nederland Program 001 Parade of Dutch Orchestras Radio Nederland Program 002 Dolf van der Linden & his Orchestra Radio Nederland Program 003 Dolf van der Linden & his Orchestra Radio Nederland Program 004 Dolf van der Linden & his Orchestra Radio Nederland Program 005 Ger de Roos & His Beetgrowers
Radio Nederland Program 006 Lex Vervuurt & His Zapacaras Radio Nederland Program 007 Malando And His Orchestra Radio Nederland Program 008 Malando And His Orchestra Radio Nederland Program 011 At The 'Wooden Shoe' Radio Nederland Program 012 At The 'Wooden Shoe'
Radio Nederland Program 013 Dutch Swing College Band Radio Nederland Program587A Christmas Eve In Holland Radio Nederland Program587B The Feast of Saint Nicholas Red Skelton Show 461008 Ep032 If You Have A Beef, Don't Air It, Eat It Sports Answer Man AF0076
Sports Answer Man AF0242 Did Abner Doubleday Really Invent The Game Of Baseball Sports Answer Man AF0248 How Is the Return Of A Fumble Accounted For Sports Answer Man AF0277 551110 Unassisted Triple Plays Sports Answer Man AF0397- Strollin' Tom 460716 Jewelry
Strollin' Tom 461004 Memories Garden This Thing Called Life AF0470 This Thing Called Life AF0471 Tonight Show AF0736 Barry Goldwater, Mills Brothes Tonight Show AF0737 Norm Crosby, anita gillette
Tonight Show AF0738 The Brothers Four Tonight Show AF0739 Soupy Sales, Buddy Rich Bobbe Norris, Johnny Desmond Tonight Show AF0740 Eydie Gormé Tonight Show AF0741 Steve Hart, Art Linkletter, Lainie Kazan Tonight Show AF0742 Woody Allen, Jack Lloyd, The Mitchell Trio
Tonight Show AF0743 George Segal, Don Ho Tonight Show AF0744- Tonight Show AF0745 Phyllis Newman, Rudy Vallee Tonight Show AF0746 Connie Stevens, Larry Blyden Tonight Show AF0747 George Seagel, Lynn Redgrave
Tonight Show AF0748 George Kirgy Tonight Show AF0749 Stephony Powers, Noel Harrington Tonight Show AF0750 Anthony Perkins Kay Stevens, Charlie Barnett & His Orchestra Tonight Show AF0751 Tonight Show AF0752 Phylis Newman
Tonight Show AF0753 Sarah Vaughn, Dr Joyce Brothers Tonight Show AF0754, Shirley Jones, Jack Cassidy, Count Basie Tonight Show AF0755 670106 Jane Fonda, George Jessel Tonight Show AF0756 670109 Guest Host-Pat Boone Sid Caesar, Buddy Greco, Selma Diamond Tonight Show AF0757 670110bGuest Host-Pat Boone Charlie Mana, Paula Wayne, Rich Little
Tonight Show AF0758 Guest Host-Pat Boone Tonight Show AF0760 Guest Host-Pat Boone Phylis Diller, Dom DeLuise Tonight Show AF0761 Guest Host-Bob Newhart Tonight Show AF0762 Guest Host-Bob Newhart Tonight Show AF0763 Guest Host-Bob Newhart
Tonight Show AF0764 Guest Host-Bob Newhart Tonight Show AF0765 Guest Host-Bob Newhart Tonight Show AF0766 670123 James Mason, Tony Martin Tonight Show AF0767 Tonight Show AF0768
Tonight Show AF0769 Tonight Show AF0770 Tonight Show AF0771 Connie Stevens Tonight Show AF0772 Tonight Show AF0773 670201 Robert Merrill an Jan Peerce and Sarah Churchhill
Tonight Show AF0774 Tonight Show AF0775 Tonight Show AF0776 Guest-Skitch Henderson Tonight Show AF0777 Tonight Show AF0778
Tonight Show AF0779 George Jessel, Florence Henderson, Lionel Hmpton Tonight Show AF0780 Henry Morgan Tonight Show AF0786 Tonight Show AF0787 Tonight Show AF0788
Tonight Show AF0789 Tonight Show AF0790 Guest Hosts-Ed & Milton Tonight Show AF0791 Bob Hope, Jack Webb Tonight Show AF0792 Tonight Show AF0793
Tonight Show AF0794 Tonight Show AF0795 Tonight Show AF0796 Tonight Show AF0797 Tonight Show AF0798
USO Program 411220 Epxxx New Center Dedication Wings For Tomorrow 450421 Ep001 Martha Sleeper