Jerry's Transcription Discs

Campus Correspondent 561009 WMAQ-Northwestern U- The Future of Train transportation Capitol Program Service from Hollywood B-191 Peggy Lee Capitol Program Service from Hollywood B-192 Peggy Lee CBS Radio Mystery Theater 751224 Ep0402 A Christmas Carol. CBS Radio Mystery Theater 810615 Two's A Crowd
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 810831 Ep1238 The MusgroveRitual. Clubtime Music Library CT-102 Applause Clubtime Music Library CT-103 Paul Weston Clubtime Music Library CT-106 Ertha Kitt Clubtime Music Library CT-107 Sarah Vaughan
Clubtime Music Library CT-121 Vic Damone Country Style, USA Ep009 Hawkshaw Hawkins Country Style, USA Ep010 Faron Young Country Style, USA Ep011 Wilburn Brothers Country Style, USA Ep012 Ernest Tubb
Do You Believe In Ghosts Ep007 1933 Do You Believe in Ghosts -Ep008 1933 Do You Believe In Ghosts Ep009 1933 Abraham Lincoln Do You Believe in Ghosts Ep010 1933 Ghost Carriage Don Ameche 460624 epAud The Highwayman
Don Ameche 460731 epAud Angel Street Doris Day Show 520516 Ep019 Guests-Guy Mitchell, Harry James Doris Day Show 520521 Guest-Dennis Day Doris Day Show 520629 Guest-Dennis Day Dr IQ 401216 Ep089 Albee Theater, Cincinnati
Dr IQ 401223 Ep090 Albee Theater, Cincinnati Fred Allen Show 430221 Ep021 Jack Haley, Phil Baker Guest Star Time KBR-21 1952 Guy Lonbardo & His ORchestra Guest Star Time KBR-21 1952 Lawrence Welk Hollywood Sound Stage 520228 Ep 012 Boomerang
Hollywood Sound Stage 520306 Ep013 Dark Victory Hollywood Star Time 470104 Ep031 Captain January Hollywood Star Time 470104 Captain January Kate Smith Show 420213 Kate Smith Show 430108
Let's Go To Town Ep0065 Ralph Marterie-Joni James Let's Go To Town Ep0066 Ralph Marterie-Joni James Let's Go To Town Ep0067 Ralph Marterie-Joni James Let's Go To Town Ep0068 Ralph Marterie-Joni James Mutual Radio Theater 800303 Ep001 The Storekepper
Mutual Radio Theater 800304 Ep002 Our Man On Omega Mutual Radio Theater 800305 Ep003 Long Distance Mutual Radio Theater 800306 Ep004 Love Conquers All Mutual Radio Theater 800307 Ep005 Ship Mutual Radio Theater 800310 Ep006 Mutiny Against George Washington
Mutual Radio Theater 800311 Ep007 Let's Play House Mutual Radio Theater 800312 Ep008 Double Exposure Mutual Radio Theater 800313 Ep009 One Dollar Dream House Mutual Radio Theater 800314 Ep010 North From Marakesh Mutual Radio Theater 800526 Ep061 Grimke Sisters
Mutual Radio Theater 800527 Ep062 One Man's Fight Mutual Radio Theater 800528 Ep063 Laura D Fair Mutual Radio Theater 800529 Ep064 Death Of Celia Bron Mutual Radio Theater 800530 Ep065 North To Marakesh Mutual Radio Theater 800915 Ep138 Eno, The Last Man
Mutual Radio Theater 800916 Ep139 Novel Affair Mutual Radio Theater 800917 Ep140 Best Role Of His Life Mutual Radio Theater 800918 Ep141 Vivien Mutual Radio Theater 800919 Ep142 Where No Soft Winds Blow Mutual Radio Theater 801124 Ep188 Little Tears
Mutual Radio Theater 801125 Ep189 Computer-In-Law Mutual Radio Theater 801126 Ep190 Accidentally On Purpose Mutual Radio Theater 801127 Ep191 She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Mutual Radio Theater 801128 Ep192 Shrimpboats Philco Radio Time 470115 Guest-Al Jolson
Philco Radio Time 4703055 Guest-Al Jolson Pinto Pete And His Ranch Boys 35xxxx Ep19 That Utah Traill Pinto Pete And His Ranch Boys 35xxxx Ep20 By The Mill Red Skelton Show 451211 Ep002 Sunday Dinners Red Skelton Show 451211 Ep002
Red Skelton Show 451218 Ep003 Housing Shortage Red Skelton Show 451225 Ep004 Christmas Trees Red Skelton Show 460101 Ep005 Bells And Resolutions Red Skelton Show 460108 Ep006 People & Automobiles Red Skelton Show 460108 Ep006 People and Automobiles
Red Skelton Show 460115 Ep007 Local Department Stores Red Skelton Show 460122 Ep008 People Celebrating Red Skelton Show 460129 Ep009 Looking For Trouble Red Skelton Show 460205 Ep010 Hospital Capers Red Skelton Show 460212 Ep011 Meeting Strangers
Red Skelton Show 460219 Ep012 Stray Animals Red Skelton Show 460226 Ep013 Telephones Red Skelton Show 460305 Ep014 Neighborhood Theater Red Skelton Show 460312 Ep015 False Alarm Red Skelton Show 460319 Ep016 The Traffic Is Terrific
Red Skelton Show 460326 Ep017 Newspapers Red Skelton Show 460402 Ep018 Some People Just Won't Pay Their Debts Red Skelton Show 460409 Ep019 Postmen Red Skelton Show 460416 Ep020 Easy Money Red Skelton Show 460423 Ep021 Old Letters And Trouble
Red Skelton Show 460430 Ep022 The Tooth, The Whole Tooth & Nothing But The Tooth Red Skelton Show 460507 Ep023 Firemen Red Skelton Show 460514 Ep022 Wisdon From The Mouths Of Babes Red Skelton Show 460514 Ep024 Wisdom From The Mouths Of Babes Red Skelton Show 460521 Ep023 It Pays To Look Well
Red Skelton Show 460604 Ep027 Vacation Time & Mad Nbc Producers Red Skelton Show 460910 Ep028 Vacation Time, Volume II Red Skelton Show 460917 Ep029 Barbers Red Skelton Show 460924 Ep030 People Who Are Lost Red Skelton Show 471021 Ep070 Man With A Plan
Red Skelton Show 471028 Ep071 The Haircut (Chapter 1) Red Skelton Show 471104 Ep072 The Haircut (Chapter 2) Red Skelton Show 471111 Ep073 The Haircut (Chapter 3) Red Skelton Show 471118 Ep074 Honky-Tonk Photographer Red Skelton Show 471125 Ep075 Radio Fanfares
Red Skelton Show 471202 Ep076 The New West Red Skelton Show 471209 Ep077 A Tribute To Telephones Red Skelton Show 471216 Ep078 Christmas Presents Red Skelton Show 471223 Ep079 Merry Christmas Everybody Red Skelton Show 471230 Ep080 The Big Snow
Red Skelton Show 480106 Ep081 The Man Who hated Peanuts Red Skelton Show 480113 Ep082 Careless Drivers Red Skelton Show 480120 Ep083 Willy Lump Lump, The Fighter (chpt 1) Red Skelton Show 480127 Ep084 Willy Lump Lump, The Fighter (chpt 2) Red Skelton Show 480203 Ep085 Squabble In The Smog (chpt 1)
Red Skelton Show 480210 Ep086 Squabble In The Smog (chpt 2) Red Skelton Show 480217 Ep087 Squabble In The Smog (chpt 3) Red Skelton Show 480224 Ep088 Junior Gets Into Motion Pictures Red Skelton Show 480302 Ep089 The Life Of The Party Red Skelton Show 480309 Ep090 Square Table Discussion (chap 1)
Red Skelton Show 480316 Ep091 Square Table Discussion (chap 2) Red Skelton Show 480323 Ep092 Square Table Discussion (chap 3) Red Skelton Show 480330 Ep093 Square Table Discussion (chap 4) Red Skelton Show 480406 Ep094 Square Table Discussion (chap 5) Red Skelton Show 480413 Ep095 Square Table Discussion (chap 6)
Red Skelton Show 480420 Ep096 Square Table Discussion (chap 8) Red Skelton Show 480427 Ep097 Square Table Discussion (chap 10)-Baseball Red Skelton Show 480504 Ep098 Square Table Discussion (chap 11) Red Skelton Show 480504 Ep098 Square Table Discussion (chap 11)-Let's Talk About Mothers Red Skelton Show 480511 Ep099 Square Table Discussion (chap 12)-
Red Skelton Show 480917 Ep003 Selling Things You Don't Want To Sell Red Skelton Show 480924 Ep004 People You'll Meet Sooner Or Later Red Skelton Show 481001 Ep005 National Newspaperboy Week Red Skelton Show 481008 Ep006 Ouiz Programs Red Skelton Show 481015 Ep007 Man Who Hates Speeches At Banquets
Red Skelton Show 481022 Ep008 Trying To Impress Other People Red Skelton Show 481105 Ep010 Screwball Ideas Red Skelton Show 481112 Ep011 GI Junior Red Skelton Show 481119 Ep012 What's Happened To Neighborhood Theater Red Skelton Show 481126 Ep013 Evening Ruined By Willie Lump Lump
Red Skelton Show 481203 Ep014 Working Hard To Get Out Of Work Red Skelton Show 481210 Ep015 Red's Missing, Clem Takes Over Red Skelton Show 481217 Ep016 A GI Joe Remembers Christmas Red Skelton Show 481224 Ep017 Christmas Tree Salesmen Red Skelton Show 481231 Ep018 A GI Joe Remembers Mew Years Eve
Roy Rogers Show 450220 Ep014 Buck Titus and his horse 'Kid' Screen Guild Theater 410928 Ep084 Meet John Doe Screen Guild Theater 411019 Ep087 Nothing Sacred Screen Guild Theater 411214 Ep095 My Life With Caroline Screen Guild Theater 420104 Ep098 High Sierra
Screen Guild Theater 420125 Ep101 Torrid Zone Screen Guild Theater 420222 Ep105 Love Is News Screen Guild Theater 420301 Ep106 Midnight Screen Guild Theater 420308 Ep107 Too Many Husbands Screen Guild Theater 490113 Ep409 So Evil, My Love
Something For The Girls 440601 Helen Hayes Waltz Time 450330 AF078 I Walked In Waltz Time 450406 AF079 Every Time We Say Goodbye Waltz Time 450413 AF080 I Walked In Your Rhythm Review 1953 KBAM-1 The Four Aces
Your Rhythm Review 1953 KBAM-2 Sarah Vaughan